Nick and Kelly that is.  How it began...I kind of stumbled upon this by accident and found that it is something I truly enjoy.  I (Kelly) started doing genealogy years ago.  My genealogy was begining to be at a stand still so I just started typing anything into the search bar I thought might help in my research, I ended up at  I became obsessed, to say the least!  I was volunteering all day every day to go out and take photos of tombstones for complete strangers.  I found fulfillment in taking the photos, but on more than one occassion I was disappointed returning to the person who request the photo to tell them, the stone was damaged, missing, or just so worn or dirty that a photo wouldn't turn out.  I thought I could just start cleaning the stones with some water and a scrub brush, to my surprise this "stuff" wasn't just washing off.  I started investigating cleaning and repairs...any well I'm trying to keep the rest from being history.











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