Why level?

If stones are not leveled they will eventually fall, from the pressures of their own weight.

If a stone falls it is likely to cause damage not only to itself but surrounding stones.





If broken stones are not repaired…

They are left on the ground where moisture invades them and wears them down.

Pieces end up missing for good.

Stones sink into the ground over time and are lost without probing.

Lawn mowers run over the broken pieces, causing additional damage.

History is lost forever!





Why is there a need to clean a stone?

Not just for cosmetic reasons alone. More often than not the “dirt" you see on the stone is lichen, an organic growth. This growth causes moisture to be trapped on and under the surface of the stone. The roots of the lichen invade the stone causing damage to the binding agents that hold the stones together. Lichens secrete organic acids which “eat” the surface of the stone.

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